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Accelerating ARVR’s Mobile future with next generation computer vision tracking algorithms.

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26DOF Hand Tracking

The future of interactivity in Augmented and virtual reality




NiceLightning fast hand tracking (< 20MS latency)

Rock OnAdvanced gesture detection

Lift It UpDeep learning technology

PrayMobile Optimized with efficient performance, (Low CPU/Battery Consumption)

ClappingWide FOV for intuitive interactions and tracking with both hands

FlyDeveloper SDK: Cross-Platform Compatibility (Java, Unity, C++)

6DOF Positional Tracking

The essential ingredient for a realistic and immersive AR experience

  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) based solution
  • Mobile, inside-out, 6DOF
  • Fast, accurate and lightweight algorithm
  • Low latency (<20ms)
slam video

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